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Data Protection

Guernsey Police gathers and holds personal information which it uses for policing, or law enforcement purposes.

These include:

The Chief Officer of Guernsey Police is the 'Data Controller' and is required to ensure that Guernsey Police handles all personal information in accordance with the legislation.

Guernsey Police is registered with the Office of the Data Protection Authority. In accordance with the requirements of the legislation a Data Protection Officer has been employed by Guernsey Police.

The Data Protection Officer is an independent role who is responsible for ensuring that the personal information held is processed in accordance with the prescribed obligations of the legislation.

The Data Protection Officer is available to provide you with advice and assistance if you have any queries or concerns about how Guernsey Police process your personal data. The contact details of the Data Protection Officer can be found within the Fair Processing Notice: Bailiwick of Guernsey Law Enforcement - Fair Processing Notice (updated July 2021)

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