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Counter Terrorism Support for Businesses and Communities

This new guidance is primarily aimed at those with a responsibility for security at crowded places and those who own or run businesses, organisations, amenities or utilities. We hope the advice can also be of use to anyone who wishes to improve their own security.

The new Crowded Places guidance for the UK covers the key areas of protective security including physical, personnel, personal and cyber. It provides guidance on how different sectors can act to help make their business, institutions or organisations safer.

As the terrorist threat evolves the guidance has been designed to be a living document taking the best advice from some of the UK's leading experts and organisations. There are many links within the guidance directing you to websites providing support in your planning.

The foundation for the ability to manage during a crisis lies in the preparations we make. It is important that we all recognise the risks, develop security plans, train our staff, carry out rehearsal exercises and understand our roles and responsibilities. Leadership will come from all levels within an organisation during an incident but must come from the top to change the security culture.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D'Orsi said:

"This new and updated guidance is intended to give protective security advice to those responsible for managing the security of crowded places. Every location is different and I would urge those of you who hold this responsibility to review your security using the information in this guidance to reassure yourselves around your Security Plan."

"Guidance within this booklet is intended to not only make the UK more resilient to a terrorist attack but also to support our fight against other crimes. If you have any information about suspicious behaviour or activity you can report it in confidence, either by calling the police or making an online report. Thank you once again for the contributions that I know you are making already."

"You play a key role in preventing and protecting communities against terrorism."

Should you get caught up in the rare event of a weapons attack we would urge you to follow the Run, Hide, Tell advice.  The police service has released the short public information film called 'Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack' which sets out the key options for keeping safe should the worst happen. You can watch the film here.