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Criminal Investigation Department

The Criminal Investigation Department is responsible for the prevention, detection and investigation of serious and volume crime across the Island.

The Department consists of a team of three Detective Sergeants, ten Detective Constables, and an Office Manager, and is led by the Detective Inspector, C.I.D.

The Department deals with all serious crime, including suspicious deaths; sexual assaults; GBH; robbery; burglary; arson and any other crimes requiring complex investigation.

In addition, the office is also supported by the Scientific Support Department which is headed by the Detective Inspector of C.I.D.

This department is supervised by a Detective Sergeant and there are two Detective Constables and one member of Police Support Staff who are all trained to conduct Crime Scene and Forensic Investigations, including the recovery of fingerprints, bodily fluids, footwear, and clothing fibres, on behalf of the Police and the Guernsey Border Agency. 

Staff from the Department also work with Officers from Guernsey Fire & Rescue Service and the Health & Safety Executive when required.