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Wk 10 - Exams, crime prevention and first aid

By Student Officer Steve Woods

1/2018 classroom presentation We started Week 10 off with the Traffic Exam, which I am pleased to say we all passed, after what proved to have been a very challenging week for some of the group. 

After a positive start we all had our tutorials. This was very helpful, discussing our progress and action plans / steps for the forthcoming weeks.

After the tutorials were complete we went off as a group to carry out a small amount of Drill practice which is now starting to look very impressive and sharp. As they say practice makes perfect! 

It was then on to lessons in Crime Prevention and Handling Stolen Goods.

During these lessons we were able to work in small groups covering a number of tasks such as researching a given topic and delivering a small presentation to the group on our findings and working through different scenarios as a group to understand which offences can be identified, and by whom. This is a good way to promote team work, effective communication and problem solving skills.

1/2018 First Aid We then finished the day off with a fitness test.  Level 5.4 was the pass mark, but each of us have already surpassed this level and so we're chasing our previous score and aiming to beat or equal / maintain the level achieved previously.

Wednesday saw a change of venue for the remainder of the week. We were stationed at Rue Mainguy for a three day First Aid course.

During this training we were shown all the relevant and necessary skills to enable us to carry out first aid when a situation presents itself to us. We also carried out many roleplay exercises to make the training feel as real as possible and to help put training into full practice. This was extremely beneficial for the whole team.

I think it's fair to say that we all really enjoyed the first aid training and the instructors Sgt Flatres and PC Miller were fantastic throughout and very positive.