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Wk 6 - Officer Safety Training

1/2018 Parva Spray It was the week we have all been waiting for, a week where we learn to stay safe on the streets.  There were rumours going around that whilst learning to use PAVA spray we would have to be sprayed in the eyes with it.  Even up to the time we got the spray out, a few of us were still convinced we would have to endure this.  Luckily it was just a rumour and personally I was rather relieved!

It's been a busy week and a very active week compared to sitting in the class all day.  There were some sore muscles and bones around the group from all the takedowns and handcuffing we have practiced.  The different wrist locks and other techniques that we have learnt really does make the week worth while and reinforces just how important this element of our training is. 1/2018 OST Group Shot I like the fact that we have all really started to make a mental note of our body positioning when engaging with suspects, learning where and when we are vulnerable to potential attacks.

Learning to relocate prisoners from one cell to another really helped us to all bond as a team - having to organise each other while dealing with a prisoner really seemed tricky at the start.  There was so much to think about and there really is a lot to it, it's not a case of just bundling in and dragging them out.  We all got it down to a tee by the end of the week and are all feeling confident as we progress through to the next stage of our training.