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Wk 7 - Officer Safety Training and an introduction to Traffic

BY Student Officer Sophie Browning

Week seven began with another three days of Officer Safety Training (OST).  Following the inputs we received throughout last week in relation to handcuffing and various other techniques we were all feeling confident ahead of our assessments.  After some refresher sessions on Monday we completed our practical assessments on Tuesday.  These involved being able to demonstrate all of the techniques we had learned and implementing these in various role-play scenarios.

One scenario in particular involved dealing with a violent individual and despite being challenging it allowed us to put our skills into practice and reinforce what we had learned over the past week. 1/2018 OST I am pleased to say we all successfully completed the assessments and overall really enjoyed our OST experience!

Thursday saw a return to the classroom.  We spent the morning re-visiting some of the theory inputs we received prior to OST, such as fraud and making off without payment, and completed a lesson on criminal attempts.  We ended the day with another drill session and thankfully I can say we have improved somewhat since our first session!

Friday began with a knowledge check on everything we have learned so far followed by numerous lessons introducing us to traffic legislation which we will continue to learn more about over the next couple of weeks.  Overall it's been another busy but enjoyable week and we are all excited to continue progressing with our training!