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Wk 5 - Inspections, Exams and Fitness

By Student Officer Daniel Hopkins

1/2018 Bleep Test Due to the May bank holidays, week five was a short three-day week - but it wasn't an easy one, with inspections, exams and a fitness test.

On Tuesday we had a uniform inspection with Chief Inspector Le Breton who we met for the first time, so it was nice to see another new face and tell him all about ourselves. The uniforms of all students are definitely improving and although we are still receiving feedback as to how things could be refined further, I'm sure our ironing skills are improving too. After this we had to change out of our dress tunics and back into our everyday uniforms to get started on our week five knowledge checks to make sure everything we've learnt so far is sinking in before we tackled criminal damage later in the afternoon.

The rest of the week was stressful for us all. We had our first pass or fail exam which we all passed! The role plays were also ramped up a lot too.  It's interesting to see how easy it is to miss little details when doing these roleplays, which highlights how important it is to make sure we're always switched on and using what we've been taught so far. All of us were left kicking ourselves at some of the basic things we missed out, but it's such a good learning tool and by taking note of any mistakes or slip-ups we make, we really do learn from them.1/2018 Role Play 1

We got an interesting lesson on economic crime too which covered the amount of fraud worldwide and it really was an eye opener. The amount of fraud which takes place ranges from someone stealing from a friend or neighbours bank account to billion-pound companies hiding cash around the world.  We even looked at how people try to get through airports and ports carrying large amounts of concealed cash, which highlighted some of the lengths people will go to, to try to avoid detection.

Then came the moment we were all dreading... The bleep tests. I'm yet to meet anyone who enjoys doing one of these, but the majority of us managed to beat our personal bests so we all left pretty happy in the end.

As I said, a short week but one packed full of learning and well worth being part of. Next week we move on to OST (Officer Safety Training) as we progress through our eighteen week foundation training course.