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Wk 15 - Consolidation Week, Children's Law and Staying Safe

This week we had to put together everything we had learned since week one over two days of consolidation exercises. This involved us all attending reports of a shoplifter and dealing with the scenario as we would once we get out onto shift. We were required to attend the scene, speak to the witness and record the relevant information from both the witness and suspect. We then arrested the suspect and searched him in accordance with relevant procedures and seized a bottle of stolen vodka. We transported him back to custody and had to speak to the custody sergeant to ensure that our arrests were lawful and find out whether or not custody would be authorised. Thankfully, detention was authorised for all of our arrests and we gained valuable knowledge and experience regarding the custody process. That afternoon, we had to arrange taking a witness statement at the police station and prepare our suspect interviews. 


On Tuesday morning we put all of our planning and preparation to good use and conducted our suspect interviews which were recorded on disc. This gave us the opportunity to put the evidence we had gathered to the suspect and in all cases were able to get a full confession and charge the suspect with the offence of theft. This marked the end of the exercise which we all agree was hugely beneficial in allowing us to piece together everything we have learned and demonstrate how far we have come as a group!


Over Wednesday and Thursday we de-briefed the consolidation exercise, covered new topics including harassment law and firearms and were also introduced to the rota management system. On Friday we spent the day covering 'Stay Safe', the procedures we should follow to protect ourselves and others when attending incidents involving weapons. This week we also found out what shift we were all being assigned to and who would be tutoring us (which we had been wanting to find out for a while!). We are all really looking forward to completing our final three weeks of training and getting out on patrol with our tutors!