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Wk 8 - Traffic Matters

By Student Officer Andrew Robinson

1/2018 Traffic Training Manual Due to Monday being a bank holiday, our traffic week started on Tuesday with the group learning the legislation on driving whilst disqualified, the construction and use of vehicles including the laws on vehicle lighting, and the issuing and notebook recording of fixed penalty notices.

Wednesday morning included understanding the definitions of "using", "causing" and "permitting" with regards to vehicle offences and the offence of taking a vehicle without the owner's consent. In the afternoon, our traffic hats and fluorescent jackets came out as we learnt how to correctly control and direct traffic. We then put what we had learnt into practice whilst stood in the middle of the road - which is quite daunting the first time you do it!  We finished the day in the classroom revising road traffic signs.

1/2018 Traffic Training On Thursday we were shown the process of a traffic stop, including the production of a driving license and insurance or what to do if a member of the public does not produce their driving license and/ or insurance at the roadside.  We finished the day learning how to caution and report someone for a particular offence.

Friday saw us learn the legislation around driving under the influence of drink or drugs and our powers as Police Officers to conduct roadside breath tests. We finished the week being taught how to conduct contemporaneous interviews.

Despite this week only being 4 days long, we covered a considerable amount of legislation and Police procedures and we all feel that at this point, 8 weeks into our training, we are starting to show a bit more confidence in dealing with whatever arises correctly and professionally.