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Wk 2 - Public engagement, presentations and a challenging end to the week!

By Student Officer Andy Robinson

A well earned weekend came to a close and we began week two in pairs conducting a public survey in three locations on the island - St Peter Port, The Bridge and St Martin. Our aim was to complete 100 questionnaires by midday and we hit our target by 11:30am. After lunch we had input on how to conduct a clear and confident presentation in preparation for presenting our findings to senior management on Thursday. We finished the day collating our data and statistics.

On Tuesday we spent the whole day looking at the importance of equality and diversity and on Wednesday we learnt the ins and outs of the caution. We were also given our first pocket notebooks and shown how to write in them correctly.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, Thursday was the day the whole group were dreading!  We spent the whole morning preparing to present our public survey findings to senior management at 1pm.  We had a couple of wobbly rehearsals and then cleaned and rearranged the room for the arrival of our audience, which included several Chief Inspectors, a Superintendent and the Deputy Chief.  The team worked together well and gave a thorough presentation, followed by a question and answer session.  We felt a large sense of relief as the day came to a close.

"Intrepid Explorers Day" was on our timetable for Friday and despite several efforts by the group to gain information on what the day might include, we hadn't got anywhere and had no idea what was in store. In case anyone reading this is thinking of recruiting, I won't divulge what the day is about but I will say that despite us all starting the day blindfolded some of the group got to see a lot of the island, some of the group got wet and some of the group ended up singing... or attempting to sing!

All in all, week two was stressful at times but it started and ended with fun days interacting with the public outside of the classroom which were enjoyable and made the week fly by.

1/2018 Intrepid Explorers


Note from Jim Bell - Learning and Development Manager.

The 'Intrepid Explorers Day' concentrates on several of the core competencies required, including teambuilding, communication skills and resilience.  I'd like to congratulate all officers on completing the task - it looks like you had an enjoyable day!

PS - for those hoping to join Guernsey Police in the future, the location and tasks involved in this task change regularly!