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Wk 3 - Scenes of crime, the arrest process and another inspection!

By Student Officer Andrew Neilson

Monday began with a lesson which lasted a full day with the SOCO team (scenes of crime officer). We were taught how to take fingerprints and accurately record them - without getting ink all over our white shirts!  After the fingerprints we were then shown how to take DNA samples from a suspect.   One of the trainers demonstrated how to correctly take a swab of the inside of the mouth and the step by step procedure on how to decant the swab into a sterile tube.  Along with the fingerprints and DNA samples, we were shown how to accurately fill in the necessary paperwork.

Tuesday was based around the theory of powers of arrest and making an arrest.  This was a challenging day for us as there was such a large amount to learn in only one day.  Throughout the day we learnt how to make an arrest, the conditions that make an arrestable offence, the requirements that make an arrest lawful along with the correct procedure to follow.  This is just a small percentage of what we were taught!  All the theory we learned throughout the day was to prepare us for our "Simple Arrest Roleplays" on Thursday afternoon.

On Wednesday we learnt about statement taking and the correct procedure, and the best practice on producing them.  Pocket Notebook incident recording and statement taking was included within the day.  In the afternoon we had a lesson on Rules of Evidence & Managing Evidence.

On Thursday Morning we were told to report for Drill at Rue Mainguy, which was lead by Mr Bell who is the Learning and Development Manager for Guernsey Police.  We were practising our marching, saluting and stopping.  It sounds easy but trust me it isn't!  Especially when all six of us recruits need to be synchronised.  The afternoon is what we we were all looking forward to, or dreading!  ROLEPLAYS!  We were presented with two roleplays during the afternoon.  These roleplays were individual so you only had yourself to rely on.  After our first roleplay we had feedback given to us by the assessors and we had to take this feedback and use it to improve during the second roleplay.  Its safe to say that we all improved during the second arrest roleplay and we thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Friday was a big day for us!  Our first duty of the day was an inspection by Chief Inspector Breban.  We had to be ready in our parade dress and tunics and looking as immaculate as possible by 08:30am.  Despite the slightly later start time we were all on site getting ready by 07:45am.  Once we looked immaculate (or so we thought!) we made our way to the chapel within the Police Station and were briefed by one of our trainers, Staff Milner.  The Chief Inspector arrived and started to make his way around us all while we were standing to attention.  Of course there is always room for improvement as every day is a learning day and we were all given inputs on where we need to improve.  Despite this it was an overall good performance for week three!

Following the inspection we had a knowledge check based on all the things we have learned over the last three weeks.  Good news!  We all passed.  The afternoon consisted of tutorials with Staff Milner to see how we are progressing.

It has been a long hard week. Bring on week four!