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Wk 1 - Inductions, Introductions and the first Inspection

By Student Officer Sophie Browning

1/2018 CU classroom We began our induction weekend at 9am on Saturday 7th April with full introductions with staff from the training team. Throughout the day we covered topics including what to expect during the upcoming eighteen-week programme as well as receiving our uniform. The following morning, we had our first knowledge check - testing our understanding of numerous definitions we were required to learn prior to our first day. The remainder of the day was spent learning more about the role of a Police Constable and familiarising ourselves with the station itself.


Monday marked our first day in uniform, something which the whole of the group was quite excited about! Throughout the day we had the opportunity to meet several members of the Law Enforcement Senior Management Team, including the Chief Officer. We were given a gym induction and also completed our first drill session, soon realising that it was much harder than it 1/2018 gym first appeared (who knew marching on grass could be so difficult?). Tuesday involved various inputs covering aspects of human resources and data protection before having photos taken for our ID cards and completing our first fitness test which I am pleased to say we all successfully passed!


Having spent most of Tuesday evening polishing our parade shoes and ironing our tunics, we were all ready to face our first uniform inspection on Wednesday morning. Following the inspection we received several inputs about welfare and stress and ended the day learning about the fascinating history of Guernsey Law Enforcement. Throughout Thursday we spent time identifying our individual learning styles and understanding how knowing our preferred style could help us succeed in this course, before ending the day with our first individual tutorials.1/2018 Classroom


The final day of our first week as student officers involved learning more about our Professional Development Portfolios, documents which we have to maintain throughout our probation period and spending time designing a public survey which we will be conducting at the beginning of next week.


I think I can speak on behalf of all the student officers in saying that although this week has not been easy, we are really looking forward to what the rest of the course has in store for us!