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Wk 4 - Team 999 Emergency Services Visits, Law & Role Plays.

By Student Officer Steve Woods

We started week four with a visit to each of the emergency services we will be working closely with throughout our careers.

On behalf of Guernsey Police and the new recruits of class 1/2018, we would like to say a big thank you to:

  • Pierre Laine - (Guernsey Fire & Rescue)
  • Toni Quesnel - (Guernsey Border Agency)
  • Jason Tardiff - (Guernsey Prison)
  • Dean de la Mare - (St Johns Ambulance)

1/2018 Ambulance Visit They all took time out of their busy schedules to show us around the venues and answer our many questions. We certainly learnt a lot from the day about the role of our colleagues from the other emergency services.

After a nice steady start to the week, reality hit everyone on Tuesday with a very intense day of learning the laws surrounding Theft, Robbery & Burglary. This was a very testing day for everyone, and by the end of the training session we all had a much clearer understanding of these laws.

Midweek consisted of learning Powers of Arrest and Powers of Entry, and we were able to put this classroom knowledge into practice through a series of role play exercises with various scenarios and outcomes. During the role play exercise we were all able to work on our core competencies and gain experience to monitor our personal development. Communication skills and problem solving skills were both tested during the exercises.

We concluded the week with a final role play scenario which took place at the Co-Op in St Martins. This role play gave us our first real taste of how it will feel being out in the public environment. Our feedback has been very positive, and we are all growing in confidence from every role play exercise we complete.